NewsLocalTurkish Cypriot girl, 14, rescued from quake wreckage in Antioch

Turkish Cypriot girl, 14, rescued from quake wreckage in Antioch

A 14-year-old citizen of the Republic of Cyprus has been rescued from the wreckage of the deadly earthquake in Turkey, Foreign Ministry spokesman Dimitris Demetriou told state radio on Thursday.

Demetriou also said the 14-year-old girl was rescued in Antioch, adding that “she is in good health and all necessary actions are being taken.”

At the same time, the body of a child was found in the Antiyaman hotel where the group of Turkish Cypriot students were staying, according to Turkish Cypriot newspaper Kipris Postasi.

“A child from a sports team was found dead during search and rescue operations at the Isias Hotel in Antiyaman,” the paper also reported.

Following this new development, the number of dead Turkish Cypriots in Antiyaman has now risen to three.

Late on Wednesday, it was announced that the bodies of two Turkish Cypriot teachers were found under the debris in the area as search and rescue teams continue their task.

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