NewsLocalTurkish Cypriot arrested near Dali with loaded gun

Turkish Cypriot arrested near Dali with loaded gun

A 23 year old Turkish Cypriot from occupied Famagusta was arrested at dawn on Tuesday as he was heading towards Dali with his car light switched off. When approached by police officers he threw a loaded pistol and mobile phone to the ground and tried to flee.

He is believed to belong to a gang who have recently been robbing kiosks and other small businesses in the Dali-Lymbia area.

The gang is believed to be responsible for a break-in into a mobile phone shop and a neighbouring betting office from where they stole all the TVs.  In another instance, four of members of the gang emptied the shelves from a kiosk, while another two stood outside, smoking and drinking, without bothering to cover their faces.

According to a police announcement, at around 2.20 am on Tuesday during a police patrol near Dali bordering on the Green Line, a car was spotted coming into the government controlled areas with its lights switched off. A man got out of the car and when approached by police officers tried to flee. He was pursued and before his arrest, threw a loaded gun and mobile phone to the ground.

The man is currently under arrest as police investigations continue.


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