NewsLocalTurkey wants sovereign equality for TCs, Cavusoglu says in occupied North

Turkey wants sovereign equality for TCs, Cavusoglu says in occupied North


Ankara has supported a two state solution in Cyprus ever since the breakdown of talks at Cran Montana, foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said during an illegal visit to occupied north Cyprus, adding that his country is now seeking sovereign equality for Turkish Cypriots.

‘We will overturn whatever the Greek-Cypriots are plotting against us’, Cavusoglu claimed, accusing Nicosia of trying to turn settlement negotiations into confidence building measures and ‘sell’ issues that were on the table from previous agendas.

He further noted that Turkey will be evaluating the latest developments on the Cyprus issue with the Turkish Cypriot negotiating team, adding that his country is always in solidarity with the TC community and will overcome everything, including all the ‘games’ being played in Cyprus, as he put it.

‘We have been negotiating a federal solution for years, but the Greek-Cypriot side has rejected all models and studies in relation to this model, including the Anan plan’, Cavusoglu further claimed, speaking to members of non-governmental organisations in occupied Lapithos.

The federal solution was negotiated for the last time at Cran Montana, he added.

‘After that we are working on sovereign and not political equality, two states existing side by side that can work together in every way’, Cavusoglu said, outlining the Turkish position.

The only way to cooperate, he concluded, is for the Greek Cypriots to recognise Turkish Cypriot political sovereignty.

Nicosia has rejected any discussion on a two state solution, with President Anastasiades maintaining strong political will at returning to negotiations based on a bizonal bicommunal federation, the agreed basis of a settlement.

Recent Turkish moves in the fenced off city of Varosha, in violation of the area’s status quo, have nullified any prospects of talks resumption.



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