NewsLocalTurkey attacks EU over Cyprus, refugee crisis and East Med

Turkey attacks EU over Cyprus, refugee crisis and East Med


Ankara strongly critisised the EU over a host of regional issues, including Cyprus, claiming that Brussels was ignoring what it said were Turkey’s ‘good willed positions’ in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Aegean Sea and the Cyprus issue.

Following a meeting of the National Security Council, a statement was issued with the all powerful Turkish body expressing the view that ‘ignoring good-willed constructive Turkish proposals and approaches on the Aegean Sea, East Med, Cyprus and immigration issues run both against international law and equality, as well as the long-term interests of the EU’.

As noted, during the meeting, chaired by President Erdogan, it was underlined towards the EU that ‘supporting unilateral actions and the hostile stance both by Greece and the Greek-Cypriot administration (as the Cyprus government is named), will further deepen regional conflicts’.

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