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Tune in to watch today’s partial solar eclipse (livestream)

The House of Science is transmitting a live stream of today’s partial solar eclipse on its YouTube channel.

The phenomenon as visible from Cyprus will start at 12:50, with the Moon entering the solar disk. The peak of the eclipse is expected at 14:04 when the solar disk will be covered by 35%. The eclipse will end at 15:15 with the Moon exiting the solar disk.

Partial solar eclipses happen when, from a particular location on earth, only part of the sun’s disc is covered by the moon’s disc.

The area of the sun that remains visible will pose a danger to eyesight so great care needs to be taken to protect eyes.

House Of Science is also hosting an event at its premises in Limassol to watch the eclipse. Telescopes, equipped with special filters for safe viewing will be available. The event is suitable for children and the entrance is free.


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