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TUI readying flights to Cyprus



The Balearic Islands, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal and Croatia are at the focus of the first holidays being offered by TUI , the tourism giant said as it announced the kick-off of the summer season in more and more countries.

In an announcement, TUI gave a breakdown of its restart activities. These include flights from Switzerland to Larnaca beginning today (June 29), flights from Germany and the Netherlands in July and subject to demand flights to Cyprus from Denmark.

Highlights from the announcement relating to Cyprus:

Germany: As the first tour operator, TUI Deutschland restarted its operation already on June 15, with two flights routed from Düsseldorf and Frankfurt to Majorca and has since then scheduled 40 additional flights until end of June. In July, the German tour operator plans to operate 1,500 flights, mainly to the Balearic Islands, Greece, Cyprus and Portugal. The Canary Islands will start again as of July 1, as well.

Switzerland: TUI Suisse restarted its operation already on June 18, with the first flight from Zurich to Faro and on June 29 to Larnaca. In the following weeks, departures are scheduled with a focus on the Balearic Islands, Greece and the Canary Islands.

Denmark: The country’s borders have opened to most European countries on 27 June 2020. In the second week of July, the first flight with Danish guests will take off again from Copenhagen to Crete. Denmark will then start offering flights again to countries like Spain and Cyprus following consumer demand.

Netherlands: TUI Netherlands will operate again as of July 1, with the first flight routed from Amsterdam to Majorca, followed by flights to Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Ibiza, and several Greek Islands later that week. From mid-July on, flights to Cyprus and Bulgaria are planned. The schedule for the summer will then increase to more than 200 flights to 30 destinations.


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