NewsLocalTsioutis: We must use our common sense from past experience

Tsioutis: We must use our common sense from past experience

Speaking to Phileleftheros, Constantinos Tsioutis, head of the Scientific Advisory Committee, said that there is no sense in implementing some measures against Covid-19, underlining that the present phase of the pandenic needs crystal clear targets.

Commenting on recent information that has been released about what the Health Ministry is examining in view of today’s Committee meeting with the Health Minister, Tsioutis said that once again we must use our common sense from what we have learned so far. He noted that mass checks have no meaning, since the virus is not going to disappear. He added that people know how to use self-tests so what is needed is to make sure we have enough self-tests at affordable prices.

He also said SafePass is not needed since we go wherever we want, meet with as many people as we want and the outbreak is big, so checking specific places has no meaning.

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