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Transport Ministry to start promoting bicycle use

The Transport Ministry will start promoting the bicycle as a means of transport, said Minister Vasiliki Anastasiadou, in a  response to a Phileleftheros article which said that the public is not adequately informed about new cycling laws.

She said the ministry is planning a one year-long campaign to inform the public on bicycle use. The campaign will be funded by OPAP and by the Ministry’s own funds, Anastasiadou added.

The campaign will consist of promotional TV and radio spots, information brochures, events, advertisements and participation in television shows by officials to talk about the subject.

Anastasiadou admitted that some of the new laws clash with existing ones. “The Ministry has taken the necessary steps to make amendments in the laws that will be submitted to the Parliament before the deadline.”

She added that the new laws fall under the category of Special Laws, thus they are superior to other normal laws and regulations and will be applied without problem.

An existing Transport Ministry brochure gives information on the safe use of bicycles in Cyprus:

Which are the bicycle-specific infrastructures?

Cycling Road: Cycling route is a lane of land on any road or alone which extends independently of the route of the road, which is separated from the traffic lanes of motor vehicles with artificial means, intended for the circulation of cyclists.

Cycling Track: Cycling Track is a strip of land along a pavement which may or may not be a part or extension of a cycling route, intended to enable it to be used by cyclists and drivers of motor vehicles.

Cycling Lane: Cycling lane is a lane located along a pavement, which is intended solely for the circulation of cyclists.

What is the minimum equipment a bicycle must have?

  • Two independent brake systems
  • White or yellow light mounted on the front of the bicycle
  • Fixed or flashing red light at the rear of the bicycle
  • Reflectors
  • Special bell
  • Tyres in good condition

Where should a cyclist move on the road?

A cyclist travelling on a road moves to as far left possible of the road, or at the leftmost edge of the left lane, depending on the road.

Do cyclists have to comply with traffic lights?

Yes, cyclists must comply with traffic lights and Road Traffic Rules.

When there is a group of cyclists together, how should they move on the road?

Up to three cyclists can move in a row, one behind the other. When there are four or more, they must move in pairs.

What is the minimum distance a driver of a motor-vehicle must keep from the bicycle?

The driver of a motor-vehicle should keep a distance of at least one metre from the bicycle.

Is it legal to stop, park or drive a motor vehicle on a bicycle road, bicycle lane or bicycle track?

No, it is illegal. However, it is permissible to stop a motor vehicle on a cycling track for a short period of time, necessary for boarding or disembarking purposes.

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