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Transport Ministry issues new guidelines for buses, taxis, and private vehicles

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, issued new guidelines for buses, taxis and private vehicles which will be implemented as of Friday, 5 February.

Public Transportation

Public transport buses, private buses, buses carrying passengers to and from airports, buses carrying students to schools (private and public), as well as taxis, in all districts of Cyprus, can carry up to 50% of their capacity.

Buses with a permit for a large family can carry up to 100% of their capacity.

In buses where there is no cubicle for the driver, the seats behind him and the first on the left (where the tour guide usually sits) should remain empty.

Measures must be taken to avoid crowding.

At the entrance of each bus there must be antiseptic to be used by all passengers.

Buses must be cleaned and sanitized often, definitely before and after the start of service and during the day. Disinfection must take place at least every four itineraries and whenever possible at the end of the day.

At bus stops and at the end of every itinerary and every break the doors of the bus must remain open.

It is recommended that whenever possible, students must sit in the same seat every day.

It is also recommended that siblings or classmates sit next to each other.

No air condition units recycling air will be used. Windows should remain open

All drivers and passengers should use a protective mask, irrespective of age.

Private Transportation

In private vehicles, members of the same family, including underage children, can travel together without the use of masks.

Up to three people from different households can be in the same car, including the driver and they all have to wear a mask.

For work purposes, up to four persons, including the driver, can travel in a private vehicle with a capacity of more than five and only three people in a vehicle with a capacity of five and they all have to wear masks.

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