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Transplant patients demand to have choice about COVID-19 vaccine

In a letter to Health Minister Konstantinos Ioannou, through their lawyer, journalist Stavros Kypranou and other Cypriot transplant patients are officially asking to have a choice regarding the COVID-19 vaccine they will have.

As Kyprianou, who is a transplant patient, explained, while the vaccination program that covers citizens on the basis of their age, gives them the right to choose the vaccine they want through the vaccination center where they will make an appointment, in the case of patients there is no option. You are simply told that if you do not accept to have the vaccine they have chosen for you, you will lose your turn.

Kyprianou noted that patients in Cyprus must be faced equally with the rest of the citizens.

The Cyprus Federation of Associations of Patients seems to share this view and has also issued an announcement along the same lines.


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