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Decongestion projects proposed for expected traffic jams in Engomi, Nicosia

Traffic jams in the coming years on main streets of Nicosia’s Engomi suburb are expected to become impossible with the planned grand development project at the former State Fairs grounds.

That’s why the Public Works Department has already proposed measures to put the brakes on an unavoidable traffic chaos, Philenews reports.

The impact on traffic generation on the local road network was assessed based on two scenarios: one following the development’s opening year, set for 2025. And another based on the year after it is completed, that is, 2035.

The Department’s proposed measures are: firstly,  Makedonias Avenue to be extended to the west to reach I. Papakyriakou Street.

Secondly, the traffic lights-controlled junction of Iroon/Lefkotheou streets to be converted into a roundabout junction with three exits.

And thirdly, the priority intersection of Lefkothea/Lykavitos streets to be converted into a traffic lights-controlled one.

According to the already announced plans in the former state fairs grounds, by 2025, the development will accommodate 902 parking spaces, while in its full development it will provide 1152 parking spaces, of which 350 will serve the needs of  offices.

Another 481 will be exhibition and conference spaces, 67 to accommodate needs of residential units, 33 for the one hotel to be erected there, 11 for the shops, 100 for restaurants, 100 for cafes and 10 for the planned gym.

According to the Department’s Traffic Impact Assessment Study, the maximum occupancy rate of the grand development’s parking spaces will be 76% and 141% for the year 2025 and 2035, respectively.

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