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Traffic cameras report 450 violations daily, mostly for speeding

So far, about 65,000 out of court fines have been sent to drivers since the day traffic cameras were installed on major roads of the island. The system went live in January.

At the same time, several thousand additional fines are currently getting processed, insiders also told Philenews.

Most fines concern exceeding the speed limit either at the fixed point where cameras operate, or from the four mobile ones.

In fact, traffic cameras continue to report about 450 drivers daily for various violations but mainly for speeding.

There are currently four fixed and four mobile cameras while it is expected that gradually 90 fixed and 20 mobile ones will be introduced over three years.

The four fixed cameras are at the busy Nicosia junction of Grivas Digheni and Demosthenis Severis Avenues.

Once the €34 million system is fully operational, there will be 90 fixed units in 30 locations and 20 mobile cameras, which police will determine their place of operation.

Traffic cameras were first introduced 14 years ago, but technical and legal issues over the ownership of the platform and collection of fines forced the government to switch them off.

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