NewsLocalTraffic-camera system with fines being issued as of Saturday, Jan 1

Traffic-camera system with fines being issued as of Saturday, Jan 1

The island’s traffic-camera system with fines being issued comes in operation as from Saturday, January 1, an official announcement said on Thursday.

The pilot operation of eight traffic cameras – four fixed and four mobile – started last October with those caught violating traffic regulations receiving warning letters until the end of the year.

The traffic-camera system includes 90 fixed cameras in 30 locations around the island to cover black spots on the road network.

As well as 20 mobile cameras which police will determine their location and operating hours on a daily basis.

The cost of installing the system amounts to €8m and the operating cost for five years is estimated at €35m.

Cameras will report speeding, running a red light and crossing a stop line.

Once these are detected, other offences such as use of a mobile phone while driving, drivers not wearing a seat belt or bikers not wearing a helmet can also be reviewed.

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