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Traditional Green Monday goods more expensive this year

The Consumer Protection Service collected the prices of basic products for the traditional Green Monday feast, as of 3 March, but prices give consumers little to smile about since everything is more expensive compared to last year.

The Consumer Protection Service conducted a search in 77 big and small supermarkets and fruit markets in all districts and includes products traditionally consumed on Green Monday.

Indicatively, greenhouse cucumbers are €3.31 a kilo on average from €1.72 last year and field cucumbers €4.03 from €2.77. Vegetables are €0.32 from €0.31 last year, beetroot €1.86 from €1.45 last year, celery €1.95 from €1.38, fresh potatoes €0.72 from €0.52 and tomatoes €2.41 from €1.71. Oranges are now cheaper than last year with their price ranging between €1.48 to €1.61, depending on the variety, compared to €1.57 to €1.93 last year.

Even lagana, the traditional Green Monday bread this year costs €1.14 while last year it was €1.09. Charcoals PYRSOS €5.41 from €4.41 last year and ETOSHA €5.57 from €4.57 last year.

Seafood is also costlier with fresh calamari up from €16.40 a kilo last year to €17.05 and fresh octopus from €15.21 last year to €20.52.

Black olives now cost €4.76 a kilo from €4.47 last year and green olives €3.65 from €3.36 a kilo.

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