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Tracing Unit head says Changes must be made to SafePass

Head of the Tracing Unit Valentinos Silvestros said that facts are changing, the pandemic is changing, so we must also change the way we are managing it, as well as some measures and practices we are implementing.

He stressed that it is dangerous to have things remain as they were decided and implemented in May while we are bowin October. He added that it is not accidental that the protocol of the pandemic have change d 16 times since the beginning of the pandemic.

He said that the SafePass was implemented in June when facts were different: Vaccination coverage was lower, Delta variant did not exist and the SafePass provisions aimed at promoting vaccination.

Currently, he continued, from tracing we see that 34% of new cases refer to people who have vaccination history and that some people have only taken the first dose of the vaccine to get the SafePass. This is very dangerous. Also for the wide poulation, the electronic check of SafePass is not implemented. On the other hand, he said, we know that vaccinated people can also ifect, even to a lesser degree.

For this reason, Silvestros said, the time has come to make changes and get ready for winter. And in order to do this we must make changes to the SafePass.

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