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Tourists spent $3 billion in Cyprus (infographic)

Tourists spent $3 billion in Cyprus, in 2017, according to  a report by the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

The report which analyses annual tourism trends, found that Cyprus had 2,173 million international tourist arrivals in 2010 who spent $2,160 billion, 3,187 million in 2016 who spent $2,755 and 3,652 million in 2017 who spent $3,128 billion.

Cyprus had a 0.5% share of international arrivals in Europe and 0.6% of the revenue.

France was the world’s most-visited country in 2017 with 86.9 million arrivals (13% of the share in EU), with a revenue of $60,681 billion, an 11.7% share of EU revenue.

The second most visited-country in the world was Spain with 81.8 million arrivals (12.2%) and the third was USA with 75.9 million (36.5% in the whole American continent).

Infographic: Where Tourists Splash The Most Cash | Statista

Greece had 27,194 million arrivals in 2017 who spent $16,528 billion, a 4.1% share of EU arrivals and 3.2% of the revenue.

The UK had 37,651 million arrivals in 2017 leaving $51,211 billion in the British economy, accounting for 9.9% of EU revenue and 5.6% of arrivals.

The total number of tourist arrivals last year was 1.32 billion, up 7% from 2016, while tourism receipts rose by 5% to $1.34 trillion.

This was due to a combination of factors, such as strong economic conditions, higher demand in emerging markets and the recovery of destinations suffering from security challenges, according to UNWTO.

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