NewsLocalTourists mistakenly found positive to the coronavirus frustrated

Tourists mistakenly found positive to the coronavirus frustrated

Tourists who were falsely found to be positive after a Covid-19 test, have expressed complaints about the whole incident.

On Monday, the Ministry of Health had announced that 30 people who had come from Mykonos, the Netherlands and other places had tested positive to Covid-19.

On Wednesday the Ministry issued a statement apologising for the fact that Monday’s results were wrong due to a mistake by the private lab that had conducted them.

The people affected were tested again, this time by the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics who announced that out of the 30 people who were initially told that they had tested positive, only two are found to be infected by the coronavirus.

The Dutch tourists who were initially transferred to the Eden Resort Rehabilitation Centre in Tersefanou, expressed their frustration for their ordeal after being told that their test were wrong. People who test positive to Covid-19 and have no permanent residence on the island, are hosted at Tersefanou.

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