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Total of €21.3 million in fines remain unpaid

Despite efforts by police to impose law and order a total of 26,889 fines amounting to €21.3 million today remain unpaid, Philenews reported on Tuesday.

In 2022 alone, police collected another 36,728 fines amounting to almost €27 million. These fines were issued by December 9 from all district courts of Cyprus.

And counting out those fines which have been paid so far, right now a total of 26,889 fines are pending amounting to €21.3 million.

Insiders said the problem seems to be in the procedures and the fact that violators find ways to avoid receiving their letter of summons and thus avoid paying for it.

The problem has been exacerbated by the financial crisis and the pandemic during which many have seen their income drop and are unable to pay their debts.

There is, of course, the settlement of payment in instalments through the Attorney General’s office. However, some prefer the solution of avoiding payment through various tricks.

In his latest report, the Auditor General has already recommended various solutions, specifically, the co-ordination of the computerised system of the Courts with the Police in order to avoid errors. But this is still something which is in the process.

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