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Community leaders angry over state’s intention to cut down post-reform salaries

Sixty-three community leaders in Cyprus are angry over the state’s intention to cut down their salaries now that they have agreed to allow the incorporation of their communities into the island’s 20 newly-set municipalities.

Apparently, they had been promised that their salaries would be equal to 50% of those of the mayor but when the reform legislation was approved a proposal was tabled which turned thigs around.

Specifically, the new amendment provides that many of the current community leaders and tomorrow’s deputy mayors will be receiving 20%-30% of the mayor’s salary.

So far, there have been objections from community leaders whose communities are incorporated into the Municipality of the City of Chrysochous, that is, Pomos, Yalias, Agia Marina, Nea Dimata, Makunda, Kinousa, Argaka, Chrysochous.

And from the Municipality of South Nicosia, that is, Dhali, Potamia, Pera Choriou, Nisou, Limbia and Alambra. As well as from the Municipality of West Limassol, that is,  the community leader of Ypsonas, Kantou, Trachoni, Asomatos, Sotira, Akrotiri, Kolossi and Erimi.

Head of the Union of Communities, Andreas Kitromilides, told Philenews they feel they have been cheated and that strong action should be expected.   The 50% of the mayor’s salary was used as a lure to get the community leaders to agree, he added.

He also expressed the view that, as from the 2029 local elections, deputy mayors will also be abolished and this means that smaller communities will not even be represented by councilors in the new bodies.

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