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Total of 13 people dead in road accidents since start of the year

Fatal road accident statistics in Cyprus are worrying considering that since the beginning of the new year and up until Tuesday a total of 13 people have lost their lives.

And compared to eight recorded the same period in 2021 this marks an alarming increase of 62.5%, Philenews reports.

Last year, a total of 45 lives were lost on the roads and another 48 in 2020 despite prolonged general lockdowns. In fact, only four less victims than those recorded in 2019.

The data indicates alcohol and careless driving as the leading causes of the high occurrence of fatal accidents in Cyprus.

Careless driving is behind 20% of fatal accidents, and then driving under the influence of alcohol or/and other substances.

However, traffic Police safe driving campaigns have led the number of dead motorcyclists decreasing this year, in contrast to previous ones.

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