NewsLocalTornado in Tseri causes damage to houses and farms (photos)

Tornado in Tseri causes damage to houses and farms (photos)

A tornado that struck Tseri on Wednesday afternoon caused damage to houses, farms and cars.

During a visit on the spot, Phileleftheros reported uprooted trees that damaged electricity cables, and hit cars, while obstructing traffic movement.

Pieces of sheet metal could be seen in the streets while in one case part of a garage was dragged by the tornado for more than 500 meters.

Chaos also prevailed in farms where milk production was affected and animal feed was destroyed.

Stavros Michael, mayor of Tseri spoke about an “unprecedented phenomenon that caused problems in the area. Luckily, there were no victims because it was raining and people were at home. Most damages occurred to the farms, while farmers were watching their properties being destroyed.”

Michael added, that damages are still being recorded but according to estimates around 50 farms and 50 houses have been affected.

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