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‘To Tragoudi Mas’: 22 Cypriot artists join their voices to fight Coronavirus

‘To Tragoudi Mas’ (Our Song) brings together 22 Cypriot artists in the fight against Coronavirus, whose producers pledged all proceeds from sales of the song to the Cyprus government to tackle the disease.

It all started at the initiative of famous Cypriot songwriter Stavros Stavrou, who asked his Facebook friends to each submit one word of their choice under a post telling them that he aims at combining all the words into one song within 24 hours.

Replies flooded in with around 200 words submitted in a matter of hours. Stavros remained true to his word publishing the lyrics the following day, and then invited composers to ‘dress’ it with their music.

Many responded, but the music of young composer Nicolas Savvides was the one that stood out.

The project was complete when at the initiative of singer Salina Gavala, 22 Cypriot performers were gathered together to give the song its final form with their voices.

The artists are: Hovig Angelos Augoustis, Salina Gavala, Stella Georgiadou, Loukas Giorkas, Andreas Ektoras, Evridiki, Annita Konstantinou, Michalis Marinos, Dimitris Mesimeris, Tefkros Neokleous, Alex Panagi, Giorgos Papadopoulos, Katerina Paraschou, Elena Patroklou, Sophia Patsalidou, Mariella Savvidou, Nikolas Savvidis, Ermogenis Skitinis, Giorgos Stamataris, Valanto Tryfonos, Konstantinos Christoforou.

You can listen to ‘Our song’ below:

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