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Time for thousands of teachers to return back to school

Today, 4,583 elementary school teachers, 871 kindergarten teachers and 1,069 special education instructors returned to schools.

Pupils will return to school next week, on Monday, 12 September. In the 2022-2023 school term, there will be a total of 50,039 pupils in public elementary schools, 12,803 pupils in public kindergartens and 537 in special schools.

Marios Stylianides, director of primary education, said that school units are getting ready to welcome students. He added that various small-scale projects will be in progress at elementary schools. In addition, large-scale projects such as the demolition and rebuilding of the Geri B and Ypsonas B elementary schools will be taking place during the upcoming school year.

Stylianides also referred to the program DRASE+ which is co-funded by the European Union and aims at preventing social exclusion and failure at school.

He said that the program will expand to 109 elementary schools and 65 kindergartens.

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