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Three reported serious cases of blood clots in Cyprus after over 300,000 vaccinations

Only three cases of serious but treatable blood clots after people got vaccinated against Covid-19 have been recorded in Cyprus so far, according to state pharmaceutical service officer Elena Panagiotopoulou.

Two were after an Astrazeneca shot and one after a Pfizer/BionTech, Philenews also reported on Thursday.

The Mediterranean island’s total number of vaccinations, at least with the first dose, now stands at over 300,000.

Overall, 149 reports of possible side effects have been recorded – 123 of which being mild to moderate, 26 more serious and three confirmed clot cases. All cases were treatable, Panagiotopoulou also said.

Vaccines protect – to a huge extent – from the development of serious symptoms and death and this is confirmed after an analysis of data recorded daily in the hospitals throughout Cyprus.

However, the experience of the first six months or so since the vaccination program in Cyprus kicked off shows that even people who have received both doses of any available vaccine can become infected and transmit the virus. Very rarely, however.

In addition, the pharmaceutical services has, for the first time, left open the possibility of a third, booster dose after a few months and stressed that the duration of the effectiveness of the vaccine has yet to be clarified.

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