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Three out of four people dead after trying to warm up from cold are foreigners

Three out of four people who died this winter from either burns or lack of oxygen in their bid to warm themselves from the bitter cold are foreigners. All four victims died within a month’s time, according to Philenews.

Two of the dead were students from Cameroon, another victim was from Romania and the fourth an impoverished Greek Cypriot.

The latest victim, a 41 Romanian worker, was found dead in a prefabricated little house he was staying at in Astromeritis area early on Monday.

The other three men died in similar conditions on Epiphany Day in January.

All three lost their lives on the day of the Epiphany.

The two students from Cameroon who lit coals inside their home to warm themselves died in their sleep – apparently due to lack of oxygen.

The 53-year-old Greek Cypriot who also lost his life in his effort to warm up lived in a makeshift building in Dali.


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