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Three in jail for possession of 20 kilos of cannabis

The three suspects arrested by Police, after a quantity of cannabis of almost 20 kilos was found and confiscated, have been remanded in custody.

The Lanraca District Court approved the relevant request of the Police and ordered the imprisonment of the three men, aged 52, 36, and 34 for eight days.

According to the Police, during an operation of the Anti-Narcotics Squad (YKAN) in Larnaca, the 36-year-old was seen giving a package to the 34-year-old. Members of the Police stopped the two cars and during a search cannabis of approximately one kilo was found in the 34-year-old’s car.

Moreover, during a search of a car parked in an open area of Limassol District, cannabis of more than 18 kilos was found in 16 nylon bags.

The division of Larnaca YKAN continues the investigation.

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