NewsLocalThree drug arrests in Famagusta area

Three drug arrests in Famagusta area

Three men — a 29 year old and two 32 year olds were arrested on Sunday evening in the free Famagusta district by the drug squad and are expected to be remanded in custody today.

The 29 year old from Sotira was arrested after a tip off. Police placed his car under surveillance and followed him to where he parked in an open space near the Liopetri river area.

A car driven by the 32 year old from Avgorou stopped next to the car, and then both drove off.

The drug squad stopped the car of the 29 year old and found 5 grams of cocaine in a three nylon bags and the driver was arrested.

As police approached the house to search it, the 32 year old arrived and despite attempting to get away was stopped. With him was another 32 year old from Xylophagou. In their car, police found 5 grams of cannabis and €3,300.

The three are under arrest but are refusing to give a statement. They are are expected to appear before court on Monday to be remanded in custody.

The 32 year old driver of the second car also tested positive in a drugs test.

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