NewsLocalThree arrests for burglaries in Nicosia

Three arrests for burglaries in Nicosia

Two men and one woman are under arrest as part of inquiries into burglaries and thefts in Nicosia while police said they are also investigating whether jewellery found in their possession had been stolen.

A fourth person was arrested for circulating a forged document.

The arrests came as police stopped a rental car on the Nicosia-Larnaca highway that was headed for Larnaca airport. In the car were two men aged 33 and the 31 year old woman who was due to fly out of Larnaca.

Police found in her possession jewellery while a watch and gold bracelet were found in the car. All three were arrested for illegal possession of property because the three could not give adequate explanation as to how the items came into their possession.

More jewellery was found in the apartment of the three suspects. Police also found burglary tools and other property.

Police said they obtained testimony against one of the men as a suspect in four burglaries of flats in Nicosia.

Police then arrested a 32 year old who had rented the car used by the three. He showed police an ID which turned out to be forged and he too was arrested.


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