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Three arrested, police seize 2 kilos of cannabis, 700 grams of cocaine

Police seized more than 2 kilos of cannabis and 700 grams of cocaine on Wednesday afternoon and arrested three people.

Police said that that at around 6.40 on Wednesday afternoon , anti narcotics officers stopped a car in Nicosia driven by a 21 year old woman. In the car with her was a 22 year old man. Both are Nicosia residents.

A second car was stopped in the same area at about the same time, driven by a 29 year old man from the Larnaca district.

During a search of the first car, police found 368 grams of cannabis and the woman and man were arrested. Police also found 1000 euro in cash which was confiscated.

During a search of the second car police found half a gram of cocaine, the stub of a joint with cannabis,  traces of meth and a small amount if cash and he too was arrested.

Police then searched his house in Larnaca and found 700 grams of cocaine and 1750 grams of cannabis.


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