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Thousands of euros stolen through conversion

The Police are investigating two cases of stealing money during which the culprits managed to get more than 14,000 euros. In both cases people visited two shops in Limassol and Famagusta and asked to convert an amount of dollars into euros.

In the first case in a shop in Famagusta the suspect asked to convert 5,500 US dollars into euros. He gave the money to the employee who counted them. Then he asked to check his money again and the employee handed it over. The transaction was completed and the employee went to an exchange office to convert the dollars into euros. There he realized that instead of 5,500 he only had 154 dollars.

The same method was used in a shop in Limassol where the employee ended up with 198 dollars instead of 10,000. The Limassol and Famagusta CID continue the investigations.

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