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There is always room for improvement of bilateral relations, says new Israeli envoy

There is still an abundance of opportunities to be explored between Cyprus and Israel and that’s exactly what the new ambassador to Nicosia Oren Anolik has pledged to do.

In an exclusive interview with Phileleftheros, Anolik said his intention is to do his utmost to further enhance and solidify the partnership between the governments and peoples of Israel and Cyprus.

“I strongly believe in the great potential these relations have. Plenty has been achieved by now, but there is still an abundance of opportunities to be explored,” he also said.

“There is always room for improvement,” he added.

One of the issues that was recently added to bilateral relations talks is the possibility of strengthening the defense capability of Cyprus by purchasing Israeli arms.

Asked if within the cooperation of the two countries in defense and security issues Israel could help Cyprus in upgrading its defense capacity, he replied:

“Cyprus has its own defense and security policy and so does Israel…if my country is able to help other countries strengthen their defense capability by providing know-how and technology, training and defense equipment then why not.”

He also said Israel can share its experience with other countries, especially friendly ones such as Cyprus.

The new ambassador also referred to one of the main challenges he would like to tackle – that of environmental and climate change issues.

“These are probably among the greatest challenges our region is facing. The expertise accumulated by Israeli and Cypriot scientists, entrepreneurs and activists is a hopeful sign for finding sustainable solutions to these difficult problems,” he added.



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