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The weather for the next three days

For the rest of the week the weather will be generally mild and sunny with high temperatures. Unfortunately, the dust does not seem ready to leave us yet, since sparse particles will be observed in the atmosphere from time to time.

Today, the weather will be mostly sunny and, from midday onwards, slightly more cloudy, especially in mountainous areas and in the centre.

The temperature will rise to 38 degrees inland, 30 on the west coast, 33 in the other coastal areas and 29 in the mountains.

Tonight, the weather will generally be fairly warm, while local fogs and low clouds may be formed during the early hours of the day. The temperature will fall to 19 degrees in the interior, around 18 in the coastal areas and 12 in the mountains.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we may be having some localised rains and, possibly, storms, especially in the mountains and in areas of the interior.

The temperature will drop on Friday but will rise again slightly by Sunday.

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