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The UK remains the top tourist market for Cyprus, statistics show

Tourism contributes, directly and indirectly, about 20% to Cyprus’ GDP and 2019 was a “golden year” in terms of arrivals, even though those involved in the tourist industry say their revenue was less than previous years. There was a 1% increase in the number of tourists in 2019 (3.976.777) while revenue is expected to exceed 2.6 million euro up until November, a 1% fall.

The Swiss spend on average 875 euro, the Belgians 857,9 and the Norwegians 841,6. Some 154,000 tourists from all these countries visit the island, leaving about 132 m. euro.

The Germans, the British, Russians, Lebanese, Ukrainians and Israelis spend less than tourists from the above-mentioned three countries but send to Cyprus many more tourists.

The main blood line of the tourist industry is Britain. Last year 1.330.635 British nationals visited Cyprus, leaving about one billion euro in 2018 or 37.8% of the total tourist revenue.

According to statistics, Cyprus welcomed less tourists from countries that leave more revenue in 2019, such as Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark and Sweden. Cheaper markets such as Israel and the Ukraine send more tourists to the island. Norway has recorded a 10% increase in the number of tourists in 2019.

Russians are the second largest group of tourists, following the British. Last year 781,856 Russians visited, leaving about 522.2 million euro, accounting for 20% of the annual revenue.

Israeli tourists have spent about 143,4 m., about 5.5% of the total income. Germans left 116,5 m., around 4.5% of the annual revenue.

The deputy ministry of tourism aims at developing further winter tourism and attracting high income tourists through providing better services in other forms of tourism such as sports, conference, culinary and medical.


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