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The President’s mistakes in forming his government

In politics, it takes only a few hours to turn a dream into a nightmare and after the success of the 5th and 12th of February, Nicos Christodoulides was confronted with the Cypriot political reality on the 26th of this month.

As a result, “The supreme political act”, as he had described the selection of the members of the Council of Ministers before the elections, turned into a holocaust, with him being left exposed and those who contributed to this development appearing to complain!

The composition of Nicos Christodoulides’ Cabinet was almost ready on the morning of 26 February and according to information, the names of Tassos Yiasemides and Anastasia Papadopoulou were included. These are two persons who, along with all the others chosen by the new President, met the standards that he himself had set during the pre-election period.

It seems, however, that he was counting without the Karoyan-Sizopoulos duo, who moved in parallel and at the same time, thwarted President Christodoulides’ plans and left him exposed.

As of Sunday morning, when he decided to share the composition of his government with his government partners, a nightmarish marathon began which led to a negative development by the evening of the same day.

Thus, all those who had maliciously claimed during the pre-election campaign that Nicos Christodoulides “will find it difficult to govern with all those he has gathered around him” were confirmed.

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