NewsLocalThe golden boys (…and girls) of the Cyprus state

The golden boys (…and girls) of the Cyprus state

Top ranking government officials enjoy earnings of up to €8,251 monthly, according to data compiled by Insider from the Treasury of the Republic of Cyprus.

The data shows their net monthly salaries after the deduction of contributions to the Social Welfare Fund, General Health System (Gesy), Income Tax Department, and Fund for Widows and Pension schemes.

The data also shows that the President of the Republic is not the highest paid state official but rather the head of the Law Office and that of the Supreme Court are.

Specifically, the President gets €7,102 monthly compared to €8,251 which is the Attorney General’s salary but also that of the head of the Supreme Court.

As for the the House Speaker, he gets €5,852, while Ministers, Undersecretaries and the Government Spokesman take home €4,823.

In addition, members of parliament get €4,153, the President of the Tender Review Authority €4,216 and the Tax Commissioner €5,283.



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