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The four possible scenarios for the new school year

The Ministry of Education is busy planning ahead in terms of digital technology and distance learning in case they need to implement it in the new school year and there are four possible scenarios depending on the health data that will be available at the end of the month a few days shy of the start of the new school year on September 1 before those in charge of the decision making.

The four scenarios before the Ministry of Education, as reported by Philenews are:

a) All students go back to school without exception.

b) Half the students go back with a rotation between the two groups as was done last school year.

c) More than half of the students go back but their numbers do not reach the total number of students per class as per usual but instead base the number of students on square footage of individual classrooms.

d) No one goes back to school.

The fourth scenario is something that everyone is hoping to avoid as if it becomes necessary to implement, that means that the pandemic situation is very difficult.

The first scenario, again, seems very difficult as even in the face of ideal health data it will still need great care if implemented.

The second scenario was already test-run last May and despite the difficulties that arose, the results seem to have satisfied those in charge, while the third scenario is currently strongly favoured by the ministry.

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