NewsLocal'The few are punishing the many', say night club owners

‘The few are punishing the many’, say night club owners


The Night Club owners Association has expressed its disagreement with the stricter protocols announced by the health ministry, following scenes of crowding in Protaras last Sunday, which raised alarm bells for scientists.

The Association’s General Secretary Fanos Leventis said that ‘the whole industry was paying for the violations of the very few, which is highly unfair’.

In spite of calling on owners to implement all measures to the last detail, as well as issuing a relevant manual, Leventis said, ‘a few failed to comply, forcing the ministry to issue a revised protocol with stricter, more restrictive measures with which the Association disagrees’.

He noted that many businesses were facing serious difficulties with the further reduction in clients, while others did not reopen as it would not be viable for them.

‘Music and dance clubs and spots have not reopened and are carrying massive financial burdens, piling up for every single day they remain closed’, Leventis noted.

He appealed to deputy minister for tourism Savvas Perdios to stop charges against business owners that have not yet been issued operation licenses, without being responsible for the delay in the processing of their applications.

Leventis said it was unacceptable to confiscate loudspeakers following the Nava events, as well as noise pollution charges, with many municipalities not even knowing how to issue licenses for these things.

He added that the fines proposed for violations by owners were excessive and destructive, noting however that categorising businesses according to their size, was a step in the right direction.

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