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The day after in Church, following the funeral of the Archbishop

The day after the funeral and burial of Archbishop Chrysostomos finds the Church with many questions pending about its future.

Interpretations and misinterpretations take place on and behind the scene regarding the election of the new Archbishop.

Furthermore, the presence of the Ecumenical Patriarch for the first time in Cyprus before the archbishop and presidential elections attributes particularities and importance to the two processes.

The Holy Synod is expected to convene on Monday and during it, the exact timelines will be set.

To start with, an election process has to be initiated within 10 days after the Archbishop passes away, according to Article 21 of the Holy Synod.

As of Monday, the Custodian of the Archbishopric Throne – that is, Bishop of Paphos Georgios – will undertake his duties and will coordinate the necessary procedures. The Custodian has the obligation to send out two circulars. One goes to the vicars so as to prepare the electoral rolls within fifteen days from the issuance of the circular.

And a second one goes to the entire ecclesiastical body through which he sets the day for three bishops to be elected by all the people who will participate. All Orthodox Christians, over 18, residing permanently in Cyprus for at least one year, and who are registered, have a right to vote.

The Holy Synod will then elect the new Archbishop among the three who will get the most votes, according to the constitution of the Church.

Given that the new Archbishop will be elected by the members of the Holy Synod, behind-the-scenes campaigning has already begun bearing in mind correlations and votes that each candidate can secure from Synod members.

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