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The cheapest supermarkets by district

The latest price observatory of big supermarkets in all districts has revealed significant fluctuations in the total price of a basket of goods – ranging as high as €50 in Nicosia and Larnaca but under €10 in the free Famagusta area.

The price observatory is publicised by the Consumer Protection Service following a survey of retail prices at large supermarkets in all districts. The survey applies to prices in force on July 16 and excludes products that were on special offer at any of the outlets.

Instead it uses bar codes in putting together a basket of the same products covering a total of 300 basic consumer goods

Each basket varies from district to district, with the service urging the public not to make comparisons between districts. It said its survey was a useful tool but should not replace consumers’ own checks depending on their needs and preferences nor does it aim to tell them where to shop.

In Nicosia, the survey covered a basket of 104 products. Athienitis emerged the cheapest at €302.36, followed by Ioannides at €323.21, Sklavenitis €327.02, Metro €332.02, Alpha Mega €336.80 and Debenhams €355.47.

In Limassol, Metro emerged the cheapest for a basket of 108 products at €356.83. Next came Sklavenitis at €364.95, Lysiotis €369.97, Alpha Mega €373.39, Papantoniou €377.31, Debenhams €390.02 and Papa €397.68.

In Larnaca, the cheapest for a basket of 103 goods was Stelios at €324.83, followed by Sklavenitis €361.48, Metro €363.67 and Alpha Mega €374.53.

In the Famagusta district a basket of 146 products will set you back €502.93 at Sklavenitis, €507.67 at Kokkinos and €511.34 at Metro.

Finally, in Paphos the survey covered 148 common products. Sklavenitis was the cheapest at €561.13, followed by Alpha Mega €590.71  and Papantoniou  €596.98.

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