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The 1000 euro generation

The average monthly gross income of people aged 21-30 in Cyprus is €1,086, the Human Resources Development Authority (ANAD) found.

ANAD measured the incomes of people who signed up to its graduate scheme and found that their wages were between €750-€1250 euro per month, with the average being €1,086.

The majority of the scheme’s participants reported having a monthly gross income between €751-€1,000 (48.2%), while 34.1% said they were making between €1,001-€1,250 per month.

ANAD found that there was a gender wage gap among the scheme’s participants. Specifically, the average monthly gross income of men was €1,128 and that of women was €1,054.

Among the participants, 62.4% had an undergraduate degree, 37.2% had a master’s degree and 0.4% had a PhD.

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