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Thalassemia patients in Cyprus still report defective treatment pumps

A year after the public complaints thalassemia patients in Cyprus are angry that defective disposable pumps are still used in their systematic desensitization treatment.

And that this puts at risk their lives since they are not certain the correct treatment amounts are received, Philenews reports.

They are also calling for a change in the procedures currently followed so that medicines for their treatments can be prepared on public holidays as well.

At the same time, they are still anxiously awaiting the inclusion of a new innovative medicine in the island’s General Health System (Gesy).

On the occasion of World Thalassemia Day, on Tuesday, head of the Cyprus Thalassemia Association, Miltos Miliades, said: “Despite the huge steps of progress made in our country in recent years bureaucracy and limitations in the procedures followed still maintain a serious problem for people with thalassemia”.

He added: “While it has been established for many months that certain disposable pumps used as part of the desensitization treatment by a large number of thalassaemia patients have – at times – presented significant problems it has not been possible to have them replaced by the (state) Health Insurance Organisation”.

He explained that in some cases these pumps present a problem that results in patients not receiving the treatment. And, in other cases, they lead to problematic administration of the treatment and this causes complications.

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