NewsLocalTest-to-stay system at schools could be extended to other state services

Test-to-stay system at schools could be extended to other state services

The government is considering extending the test-to-stay system which began at schools on Monday on a ‘pilot basis’ to other state services such as the police force and hospitals.

This is what Philenews reported, adding that Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas on Tuesday will discuss this possibility with the group of scientists advising the government on Covid-19, it added.

And the proposal may go before the Cabinet for approval when they meet on Wednesday.

The test-to-stay measure is only for students who are identified as close contacts of a confirmed positive coronavirus case and have not completed their vaccination regime.

Those who have or have recovered from Covid-19 within 90 days do not have to self-isolate. Adherence to the measure is optional.

At the same time, Hadipantelas and the health experts are also considering the possibility of introducing weekly tests in kindergartens and pre-schools on an optional basis.

The Minister is also scheduled to meet the heads of secondary and technical school unions Oelmek and Oltek on Tuesday.

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