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‘Test to stay’ policy in schools on hold, optional if and when in application

The ‘test to stay’ policy in schools that was to be introduced on Monday in a bid to prevent long-distance learning because of the coronavirus is on hold following the teachers’ strong opposition.

Its introduction and way of implementation will be determined after a scheduled meeting on Monday between the ministers of health and of education with representatives of teachers’ organisations, Philenews reports.

To start with, the ‘test to stay’ policy aiming to provide for the daily testing of close contacts of confirmed cases instead of self-isolation will be optional – if and when it gets to be applied.

This means that a parent or guardian or a student himself will be allowed to choose whether to stay in school when declared as a close contact after the ‘test to stay’ is applied or whether to stay at home.

This provides that they furnish a negative rapid test for a period of five days after the date of contact with a positive person.

The Education Ministry has already begun working on the logistics of the new policy – approved by Cabinet on Wednesday – so as to increase both the staff and mobile sampling units.

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