NewsLocal'Test to stay' policy in schools as of Monday despite teachers' concern

‘Test to stay’ policy in schools as of Monday despite teachers’ concern

The ‘test to stay’ policy will be applied in schools in Cyprus as of Monday as an option for students who are close coronavirus contacts even though teachers still raise concerns.

The concerns were not appeased even after a meeting teacher organisations had on Monday with health and education officials and Covid-19 scientists, according to Philenews.

Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas made clear after the meeting focusing on the new rule that its implementation won’t be postponed again.

The policy was due to be introduced on Monday but was put on hold after being met with strong pushback from teachers’ unions.

They had branded the Cabinet decision as “dangerous” for them and the students and went as far as to threaten with strike action.

And that parents or students will be able to choose whether to send their children who are close contacts of confirmed Covid-19 cases to school under the ‘test to stay’ measure. Or whether to keep them at home.

Under the new optional measure, primary and secondary school students who are close contacts will have to undergo a daily coronavirus test for five days, instead of self-isolating at home.

The tests will be carried out by free mobile rapid testing units operated by health ministry at all schools, the Minister also said.

More details on the measure and when it will be implemented will be announced by the Health Ministry on Tuesday.


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