NewsLocalTenders worth 2000,000 euro open for partridges' specialized feeding

Tenders worth 2000,000 euro open for partridges’ specialized feeding

The Game and Fauna Service has opened €200,000 worth of tenders for the specialized feeding preferences during various stages of reproduction of partridges of the Alectoris Chukar family.

This is what Philenews reported on Tuesday, adding that the tenders will cover the Mediterranean island’s 2022 hunting needs.

The Chukar partridge is Cyprus’ best-known game bird and a common resident seen throughout the year all over the island.

It feeds on plenty of insects and harmful weed seed for wheat, barley and oat that is cultivated by human being.

These partridges prefer high elevation – all the way to Mount Troodos – although they can be observed in small groups coastal at certain times of year.

Both sexes are very similar in appearance, they are extremely vocal, usually taking position on top of cliffs and hills and calling.




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