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Tender opens for perimeter fence erection around migrants’ reception centre

The Nicosia District Office on Tuesday opened a tender for the construction of a perimeter fence and patrol road along with a new access road to the Pournara First Reception Center in Kokkinotrimithia area.

The tender which is over €1.2 million became essential after holes were recorded in the existing fence through which irregular migrants flooding the island keep escaping from the Center.

The second fence will be at a distance from the existing one so that police patrol cars can pass through.

Authorities are urged to curb the flow of irregular migrants but also upgrade public order and security around the centre.

MPs of the ad-hoc committee focusing on irregular migration issues have   said that last year about a third of narcotics-related arrests involved either irregular migrants, asylum seekers or recipients of protection status.

One cited police data, according to which in the Famagusta, Nicosia and Paphos districts the offenders included drug pushers as well as drug users.

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