NewsLocalTechnical Committee in urgent action to restore Nicosia's Venetian walls

Technical Committee in urgent action to restore Nicosia’s Venetian walls

The bicommunal cultural technical committee is taking urgent action to renovate Nicosia’s Venetian walls after a section collapsed in the Arap Ahmed neighbourhood on the Turkish-Cypriot side.

This was the second collapse in the area in recent days and has galvanised the committee to move quickly.

Takis Hadjidemetriou, the Greek Cypriot co-chairman of the committee said that experts were in the area to examine the situation and the process has been set in motion to invite tenders for restoration work.

“We are giving absolute priority to the project. We are diverting funds from other projects of the Technical Committee to finance the restoration work,” Hadjidemetriou told the Cyprus News Agency.

Initial estimates put the cost of the project at 100,000 euro.

The Technical Committee had already planned work on sections of the wall in the Turkish-held section of Nicosia to remove vegetation and deal with humidity.

However, after the two latest incidents of sections of the wall collapsing the committee would invite tenders, he said.


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