NewsLocalT/C leadership tries hard to push forward two-state solution in Cyprus

T/C leadership tries hard to push forward two-state solution in Cyprus

The Turkish Cypriot leadership in the divided island’s breakaway north is exploiting every opportunity in a bid to achieve a kind of an “intergovernmental dialogue” between the two sides.

The latest attempt is the trafficking of illegal migrants through the green line. At the same time, the Turkish Cypriot regime is attacking the EU because the bloc rejects proposals for a two-state solution in Cyprus which is divided since a 1974 invasion by Turkey.

The Turkish Cypriot leadership, in full consultation with Ankara, seems to draft each and every new move and policy on the basis of a “two-state solution.”

UN resolutions and high-level agreements on Cyprus provide for a reunited island based on a bi-zonal, bi-communal federal system.

The regime was annoyed by Nicosia’s accusations on the ongoing trafficking of illegal migrants to areas controlled by the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus.

Trafficking which, as it is well known, takes place mainly through the ceasefire line from specific points.

On the occasion of the position of Minister of Interior Nicos Nouris during the informal meeting of the Ministers of Interior of the European Union, the so-called “ministry of foreign affairs” claimed that the Turkish criticism of Nicosia and Athens on the immigration issue is “unfounded”.

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