NewsLocalSuspects from Romania strike at Nicosia Mall

Suspects from Romania strike at Nicosia Mall

The three suspects from Romania, two men aged 27 and 37, and one 19-year-old woman, who were arrested yesterday in Larnaca for stealing from shops at the Metropolis Mall, seem to have stolen things in Nicosia as well.

According to information, the suspects followed the same method at the Nicosia Mall, grabbing children’s clothes and placing them in a special bag that disarms the alarm system. So far, a complaint has been filed and investigations are taking place, with policemen checking the mall’s cameras.

Following a search, clothes and shoes were found as well as three special bags that do not allow the activation of the alarm system.

The suspects were sending the clothes abroad through a courier service.

The suspects will be taken to the Larnaca District Court today.

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