NewsLocalSuspected burglar caught hiding in bakery

Suspected burglar caught hiding in bakery

A 30 year old  woman  is under arrest after she was found hiding in a Nicosia bakery early on Sunday morning.

Police were alerted that there was a person in the offices of the bakery and went to the scene where they found the woman on the first floor where she had climbed onto the window sill, one leg outside.

In her possession police found nylon bags with coins and bank notes which police said she admitted to stealing from the bakery. They also found €270 hidden in her shoes.

A car parked outside the bakery was found to have been reported stolen. In it police found jewellery, watches and credit cards which were identified by the owner of the vehicle as having been stolen from her house along with the car.

During questioning, the woman allegedly admitted to stealing them and was arrested.


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